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4 Magical Places to Visit in Gran Canaria

Apr 04, 2024

The island of Gran Canaria possesses a distinctive charm that leaves every visitor yearning to return and immerse themselves once more in its enchanting atmosphere. Whether in the south or the north, the island harbours treasures that linger in one's memory. From Palm Beach, we present a journey through four magical places to visit in Gran Canaria, enhancing your stay at our hotel and making it truly unforgettable. 


1. Maspalomas: Dreamy Dunes and Beaches

Renowned for its breathtaking golden sand dunes and dreamy beaches, Maspalomas creates a privileged oasis of natural beauty that should not be missed. Extending across 400 hectares, the Maspalomas Dunes unfold as a captivating natural spectacle. This wonder becomes even more mesmerizing during sunset, when the sun casts reddish hues across the sky, painting it in warm tones while the sea breeze gently caresses your skin." 

Dunas de Maspalomas


Palm Beach is conveniently situated just two minutes away from these beaches, providing you with easy access to golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Take advantage of the island's warm climate to sunbathe or embark on a horseback ride, exploring the natural beauty of this park.

2. The Agaete Coffee Plantation: A Tranquil Retreat

For a serene and exquisite experience, visit the Agaete Coffee Plantation - a true green oasis amidst the arid Canarian landscape. Here, you can stroll through an impressive botanical garden boasting a remarkable variety of tropical plants and exotic flowers. 

The highlight of this place is its coffee plantation as it is the only Arabica coffee plantation in all Europe. Savour a cup of this exclusive aromatic coffee from Agaete while enjoying views of the Atlantic Ocean. An experience that will delight your senses and provide a sense of peace and tranquillity. 

Cafetal de Agaete

3. Natural Pools: Fountains of Pleasure 

For a refreshing dip and an encounter with nature in its purest form, a visit to Gran Canaria's natural pools is a must. One of the most impressive is located at Charco de San Lorenzo, near Moya. These pools are natural formations sculpted by the sea's action on volcanic rock. 

Charco San Lorenzo

Picture yourself immersing in crystal-clear waters surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and lush vegetation. This is an ideal spot for swimming, snorkelling, or simply unwinding in the natural setting. The natural pools are a hidden gem that will connect you with the island's beauty in a truly unique way. 

4. Mogán and Its Harbour: Coastal Elegance and Charm

Our final stop takes you to the charming village of Mogán and its picturesque harbour. Known as "Little Venice", Mogán boasts lovely canals and bridges reminiscent of the Italian city. Stroll through the narrow-cobbled streets and discover boutiques, art galleries, and high-quality restaurants. 

Mogán's harbour is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh seaside meal, where  you can savour fish and seafood dishes while gazing at boats gently swaying in the water. This coastal haven is an ideal escape for those seeking tranquillity and authenticity. 

Puerto de Mogán

In summary, Gran Canaria offers an array of magical places that captivate its visitors. From the stunning dunes of Maspalomas to the serenity of the Agaete Coffee Plantation, along with the natural pools and coastal elegance of Mogán, the island has something special for every type of traveller. 

At Palm Beach, you'll find everything you need to complete this unforgettable journey. Enjoy the utmost comfort and exclusivity of our hotel, with services available at all times to ensure your stay is perfect. Explore the relaxation corners of our hotel, where you can recharge for excursions and disconnect from the challenges of your daily life. 

And, of course, relish the finest cuisine with the haute cuisine prepared by our chef daily in the three dining areas at Palm Beach. Your stay will be memorable, leaving you with a magnificent memory of the beauty and magic of visiting Gran Canaria. 



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