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Dog Friendly

A Dog-Friendly Hotel in Maspalomas
dog friendly hotel in maspalomas

A Dog-Friendly Hotel in Maspalomas

At Seaside Palm Beach*****, we understand the importance of travelling with your pet. That's why our Dog-Friendly service for dogs up to 5 kilograms gives you the opportunity to continue adding new enriching experiences with the whole family.

We are excited to welcome you and your faithful friend with open arms!

Our Dog Friendly program for dogs up to 5 kilograms (cost per dog is 25€/day) includes an original welcome pack with a bed, food and water bowls, a towel, and toys. Your little friend will feel as happy and pampered as at home!

*Download our pet policy and submit a signed copy at the reception.

Download Pet Policy

dog friendly hotel in maspalomas

A luxury oasis for the whole family!

Would you like to make plans with your dog? At Seaside Palm Beach*****, we make sure that your furry friend enjoys beside you while exploring and indulging in your activities in Lanzarote.

You no longer have to worry about leaving your pet at home or finding a suitable place to leave them during your travels. In our hotel, we provide you with the opportunity of travelling with your dog and breaking free from the routine together.

We understand that traveling with one of your most loyal companions is a true luxury, and that's why we want to welcome your pet as they deserve. From the moment you walk through the main door, your dog will be greeted with joy and an extra dose of affection.

Our rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, carefully selected toys, and food and water bowls, so that your faithful friend feels as happy and pampered as you do, under the excellent service of Seaside.

At Seaside Palm Beach*****, we strive to make every moment special for you and your loyal companion!

Check out our pet policy and discover why we are the preferred destination for dog lovers.

Check our Pet Policy

dog friendly hotel in maspalomas