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The best homemade pasta in Gran Canaria

Jan 24, 2024

An Artisanal Experience at Seaside Palm Beach

Pasta is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and valued foods by all, perhaps due to its great versatility or its rich flavour. Whatever the reason, its qualities make it a dish adaptable to virtually any palate. Rich in carbohydrates and, therefore, with a high energy value released gradually, it is one of those recipes you may have tried at home. 

It is also a high-fibre food, especially if made with whole grains. Its consumption helps maintain optimal intestinal health and prevents constipation. Despite being a calorie-dense food, this does not mean it is unhealthy; quite the opposite, as it is low in fats and highly compatible with a balanced diet. 

Various theories surround its origin, one of which credits its introduction to Italy from China via Marco Polo. Another theory traces its origin much further back in time, specifically to the Etruscan civilizations, due to a very similar food made from cereals mixed with water and later cooked. 

Pasta fresca expuesta Seaside Palm Beach

Artisanal Homemade Pasta: Benefits and Quality

In our Palm Beach hotel, we have a distinctive feature: we make our own pasta from scratch. Therefore, since it undergoes no drying process like conventional pasta sold in supermarkets, it achieves a much softer and tastier texture. It also preserves the flavours of natural ingredients, whether filled or not, much better than industrial pasta. It enhances the flavours of accompanying sauces much more, something industrial pasta fails to do due to the slower process in the making of artisanal pasta.   

Combination of Artisanal Homemade Pasta

Being such a basic product, it can be combined with a vast variety of different sauces and is ideal for accompanying salads and meats. Although its traditional preparation involves mixing wheat semolina, water, and salt for increased elasticity through gluten, it is straightforward nowadays to find gluten-free options on the market.   

This dish allows experimentation with various ingredients such as spinach, beets, carrots to add interesting colours and flavours. It always adds a touch of distinction and authenticity to any table. 

The main difference between homemade and dried pasta is that homemade pasta is usually made with eggs, whereas dried pasta is not. Also, homemade pasta cannot be preserved for as long. 

Benefits of Artisanal Homemade Pasta

Among the benefits of artisanal homemade pasta, it possesses a unique flavour, especially if it is filled pasta. It is common to serve this type without accompanying sauce, just with a bit of olive oil, butter, or parmesan. It also contributes to regulating blood sugar levels, metabolizing cholesterol, and, above all, is a very satisfying option within the Mediterranean diet. It contains no cholesterol because the few fats it contains are of plant origin. 

For all these reasons, artisanal homemade pasta becomes a much healthier option than commercial pasta. If fresh eggs are used, it acts as a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This way, the quality and quantity of ingredients can be controlled, avoiding unnecessary additives and artificial preservatives.  

The process of making pasta from scratch, seemingly simple, requires skill, but above all, patience and dedication. Every step counts, from ingredient mixing to shaping and cooking.  

At Palm Beach, we opt for artisanal homemade pasta for its positive impact on the local economy and food sustainability. In general, our entire Seaside Collection group supports local producers, contributing to the economic development of sustainable agriculture. We work closely with local farmers and fresh ingredient suppliers to ensure the quality and origin of our products. 

Pasta fresca Seaside Palm Beach

When is Pasta Day at Seaside Palm Beach Hotel?

In our hotel, we celebrate every week a themed day dedicated to pasta, offering a wide variety of shapes and types of pasta, as well as accompanying sauces in our buffet area. Customers can customise their choice according to their preferences. 

What Types of Pasta are Served in the Restaurant at Seaside Palm Beach Hotel?

In addition, our pasta menu includes, with prior notice, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options to cater to the diverse needs of all our diners. Our chef is dedicated to constantly perfecting the recipes and preparation techniques of homemade pasta, ensuring that each dish is a delicious culinary experience. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly approach. 

Furthermore, our chef is dedicated to constantly perfecting the recipes and preparation techniques of homemade pasta, ensuring that each dish is a delicious culinary experience. 

Undoubtedly, if you are a pasta lover, you must not miss enjoying the wonderful buffet at Seaside Palm Beach Hotel to savour the best homemade pasta in Gran Canaria, as if on a trip to Italy. 


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