La Bodega – Tapas Restaurant at Seaside Palm Beach | Seaside Palm Beach
La Bodega – Tapas Restaurant at Seaside Palm Beach

    Haute cuisine tapas at the Seaside Palm Beach!

    The custom of Tapas has come to define the Spanish identity and said tradition has been successfully diffused around the world. This elaborate and original concept can now also be enjoyed in the Seaside Palm Beach in the restaurant "La Bodega”.

    There are many legends as to the origins of the “Tapa”, although almost all of these coincide with the following: the “Tapa” came from the time when alcoholic beverages were served with a wooden lid or “Tapa” which covered the recipient. In order to prevent the lids from flying off, they needed a weight, for which olives or the like were used. Over time the olives were replaced with ever more elaborate and original foods, which with time evolved from a basic appetizer to becoming a culinary art of haute cuisine and henceforth becoming a custom in Spanish taverns.

    In the bodega at the Palm Beach we offer specialty tapas which can be considered mini gourmet cuisine. La Bodega has adopted the Tapas concept and created original haute cuisine utilizing a selection of local ingredients, such as Canarian cheeses, artisanal smoked salmon from Uga in Lanzarote, or the traditional Iberian ham “Pata Negra”. Of course, all tapas have in common that they are made with fresh top quality ingredients.

    Considering the origin of the Tapa, a selection of quality wines is essential and in our restaurant La Bodega we can boast a collection of hand selected Canarian and Spanish wines.

    La Bodega is so much more than an exquisite feast accompanied by a good wine, it is an experience, a time to socialize, chat and have fun in an intimate and welcoming environment. In the restaurants design we have carefully chosen each detail to recreate the feel of a traditional bodega, with furniture and lamps hand crafted by master artisans from the island.

    Discover all this and much more in La Bodega – an experience not to be missed!

    Opening times from July to May.

    Summer opening times: Wednesday - Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 

    Winter opening times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 18:30 - 22:00 

    For more information please contact Reception: Tel. + 34 928 72 10 32 or send an email to:

    Dress code:

    Dinner - Smart casual: long trousers and shirts with sleeves for gentlemen. No flip flops allowed.

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